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Now available in SA the L&R Boat Latch designed and manufactured in Australia, will get your boat off the trailer more often and easier than before.

Having your own boat to take out fishing or just to have some fun on the water with the family has always had its joys, but we all know that before we can get the first line in the water we need to get the boat off the trailer.

In the past getting your Boat on and off the trailer has had its own unique set of problems:
> Who is going to help me?
> What if someone gets hurt?
> I am going to get wet! (in winter getting wet is always an unpleasant situation)
These are just a few of the many problems that we encounter when getting the Boat on and off of the trailer, There are many more I am sure.

With the L&R Boat Latch these problems will be a thing of the past!.

Latch & Snare combo

Why should you install the L&R Boat Latch?

* There is no need to drill into your hull or risk its integrity, you simply use the existing holes already there with the old bow eye.
* Its made from high quality Marine grade 316 stainless steel. So it won't rust.
* It will save you time and effort, not to mention the arguments when getting your boat on and off the trailer.
* Its Easy to install.

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